Wednesday, April 8, 2009

VBRRA visits

On Monday, Major General John Cantwell, came to Flowerdale to review the progress of the Temporary Village and have a general discussion with John Burgess about the way forward.

He hadn't seen the Village for a few weeks and he was amazed by the progress.

There are 15 portable chalets in place, all with plumbing, heating and power. The first two Flat Packs have been occupied and there are another 8 in advanced stages of construction.

The laundry was getting good usage from some local residents, not ones at the rec reserve, but those living in the area without laundry facilities.

VBRRA are really pleased with how fast things have come together and the good relationship that exists with the Flowerdale community.

The Hales Institute are finishing up on Saturday but local volunteers will step into the breach to fill the gap until the communal kitchen is in place and VBRRA are organising a temporary facility to replace the portable kitchen that is currently on site. A more permanent communal kitchen is also about to be put in place.

Allocations of chalets and the Flat Pack units are being handled by DHS and that process is working smoothly.

Overall it was a successful visit and the Major General was really pleased that the Community Government partnership discussed in early March, when the plans for the Village were handed over by the Community Committee, has had very tangible results.

"Major General Cantwell, with John Burgess, Community Leader, and Pete Williams, Volunteer and Blog Author"

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