Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why the Wasps?

On top of the bushfires Flowerdale has been enduring European Wasps in what seems like plague proportions.

I spotted an article in the Whittlesea Star that gives some explanation. An extract from the article appears below. It was noted they are bad in Whittlesea but worse in Flowerdale.

“I certainly know to an extent that people have been shooing wasps away for several weeks. They are a bit of a concern. The fires have upset quite a few nests and they are floating around,” Mr Hayward said.

Mr Hayward said residents have been out at dusk trying to track wasps back to their nests, which can be more than 500 metres away from food.

From my observations raspberry lemonade in a plastic bottle seems to be the best way of catching them.

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