Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pete's Poem - A reminder of Black Saturday's Ferocity

We have just posted Peter Auty's poem about Black Saturday.

Peter is a long term Flowerdale resident and CFA Volunteer. The poem reminds us how Black Saturday broke all the rules. No matter how much training or knowledge you had nothing could prepare you for Black Saturday.

Pete's Poem was read out by Premier John Brumby in Victorian Parliament and is recorded in Hansard.

We thank Peter not only for this poem but the role he has played in the Flowerdale community before, during and since Black Saturday.


  1. I usually just lurk on this site, following the courageous and inspiring rebuilding process. I read it regularly because I don't want for even one day to forget what you have been through, even though I live miles away in suburbia.

    Thank-you for posting this moving poem.

  2. A very moving poem which all should hear, no one should ever forget that terrible day.

  3. Thanks Peter for your poignant sharing of the terror and trauma of that terrible inferno
    An old friend from Holden Street Days

  4. So much has been said but so little has been said so well.

    Good luck - what an amazing man.


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