Monday, April 13, 2009

Want to post your story

Important: Please attend Community Expo and Workshop on Sunday 19th April @ 10.00am. Click for more detail

I will be posting a few blog entries today as I discovered that I have had a number of emails sent to my Gmail account from the blog and I don't check it that often so i hadn't answered them. Sorry to those that sent me emails, I will divert it to my work one so no more will slip through the cracks in the future.

Anyway, Victoria Online ( is the Victorian State Government website and they have created a new blog for people to share their bushfire recovery stories. If you want to post your story of recovery or anything to do with your story the link is

After some feedback this week I also added some links to key sites relating to Flowerdale including the Relief Fund for Flowerdale (not the Red Cross one as no funds have been forthcoming to communities via that Relief Fund so we set up our own), photos on Flickr (if you have photos of Flowerdale relating to the fire and want them up i would love to get them email me, details of Grants for those affected by the fires (DHS website) and the Victorian Bushfire Relief and Reconstruction Authority (VBRRA).

I will see if I can also post up a calendar of forthcoming events, having conquered answering email from my GMail account this can be my next big step.


  1. I'm interested in attending the expo.
    We were driving through your town on the morning of the fire. And we drove back through there Easter Monday. The question I have is - what can outsiders do to help? I tried opeing the Flowerdale Expo flier, but the platform told me my flashplayer was out of date. I can see the date (19/04/09 ?) on the minturised flier, but I cant make out the time or venue. (Presumably the pub?).
    We would love to provide some assistance to the community if we can.
    David Harvey


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