Friday, March 13, 2009

40 locals get "Red Cards" and in search of TShirt Designers

The CFMEU were on site yesterday and trained 20 locals so they can receive their "Red Card", effectively a ticket to enable them to work on building sites and another 20 will be trained today. Next week we will train them on asbestos safety. This will allow locals to be actively involved in the clearing and rebuilding phases. Feels good to be thinking about the next stage and helping locals get employment.

The DHS is now organised for housing allocation and more of the semi permanent 2 bedroom units will be constructed. we are working with DHS and the Salvation Army to furnish the units and that process is running pretty smoothly.

We also are running a tshirt design competition so we can get some cash into our Flowerdale Relief Fund. If you are a designer or know one tell them to go to and submit a design. Might be good for a school as well.

The village keeps rolling along, we have put down synthetic grass around the portable chalets in readiness for the rain that has now decided to fall after a three month holiday.

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