Monday, March 2, 2009

Village keeps growing

There is plenty going on in the Village, two of the semi permanent houses are being built right now at the top end of the rec reserve, bit like backyard blitz only faster. The units are provided by the State Government via the Office of Housing and great to see the Field of Dreams becoming a reality.

We have put in place a range of things for fire protection including fire rakes, extinguishers, 44 gallon drums with mops and the firebreak. We are pretty confident that we have the people and facilities on the ground to be OK for the extreme conditions tomorrow.

Major General John Cantwell flew in and had a meeting with the Community Council. He was clearly impressed by what we have been able to achieve.

Jeanette Kamar has been a real quiet achiever with the tennis club. We aim to build 4 new tennis courts in North West corner of the rec reserve. The tennis club has had 46 new players who have expressed interest in learning to play tennis. It is great to see how sport can help the community keep together and grow. Tennis Victoria has been the driving force behind this initiative with the support of the Department of Planning and Community Development.


  1. Fantastic to hear that this is all going as planned. I can not wait to see how the meetings went today and what the official outcomes will be. Thanks for the update, i will be back on the ground (with kids in tow) on Friday. Let me know if there's anything that you need taken up or whatever.
    Great Work Peter!

  2. @rexster , @s2art wants to add images 2 domain. Have you been given the heads-up on the domain name being available for Flowerdale residents? See for more details.


  3. Woolworths Safeway Community Grants up to $5000 in NE Melbourne to help primary school aged children lead healthier more active lives. Could be good for Flowerdale Tennis Club?? Apply at Applications close April 6


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