Sunday, March 22, 2009

A busy couple of days

Well I started early yesterday for a Sunday. Dropped into the rec to drop some furniture off for a couple of new residents. They have pretty much what they need but didn't have any drawers or wardrobes to put their clothes in. While I was there I checked out the Chalets. They are ready to go other than for steps which are going in from Monday. Good news is the work is going to locals to help them keep kicking along.

For something different we had a tree catch on fire outside the pub on Sunday morning. Not sure if it was a slow burner that sparked up from the original fires or how it started but luckily the CFA guys were doing some training down the road, came down quickly and put it out. Practical training is always good.

Spent the afternoon with John Burgess and Peter Auty talking through how we can achieve a brighter future. We were working through some ideas for the future which we will talk to the community about during the week.

A good number of people have put down their names for computers at the relief hub. We are trying to get access to computers via InfoXchange and some other sources but it is slow.

The missing Eureka Flag was quickly replaced by a smaller one, thanks Billy Price, so the symbol of our collective action at Flowerdale still flies high.


  1. G'day Pete, I've been working with the Victorian Bushfire Case Management Service for the past 6 weeks or so. I was up at Flowerdale last Friday. We should catch up. Hope alls well with you and the family, mate.

  2. Hi Craig would love to have a chat, just saw your comment


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