Friday, March 6, 2009

Warnie comes to town with a little Coldplay

Well little Flowerdale had some surprise visitors today, Australia's greatest bowler Shane Warne came into town with Chris Martin the lead singer of Coldplay.

They first dropped by the school and then mingled with locals at the Flowerdale Hotel. There was lots of excitement as they rubbed shoulders with the locals, heard the stories and witnessed the devastation caused by the bushfires.

It is hard to express just how much visits like these mean to the community. Before Black Saturday, Flowerdale was a fairly well kept secret and never in their wildest dreams would the community think they would be rubbing shoulders with such well known celebrities. It really tells them that people all over the world care about what has happened to them and are willing to give support.

Can't thank you enough guys, and when I get into town (wasn't there today, had my Uncle Bruce's funeral) I will grab some pics and put them on the blog so you can see how it went.

Murrindindi Shire announced that the Kilmore East/Murrindindi fire complex was offically under control which I suppose gives some level of closure.

On Sunday, Christine Nixon will be in town at 10.00am at the Flowerdale Pub to chat with locals, talk about the role of the Bushfire Reconstruction and Recovery Authority as well as how the relief fund will be distributed. Will be very interesting.

Anyway no rest for the wicked, we still have a temporary village to build and then we can take on the task of rebuilding the town. We have a long way to go, but days like today give us all a boost and the energy and resolve to keep moving forward.

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