Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Flowerdale and the Premier - Partnering to rebuild

Well what a morning. John Brumby, Bill Shorten, Christine Nixon, Major General John Cantwell, Richard Wynn and a range of other senior officials came into Flowerdale this morning with a big media scrum in tow.

All were amazed at how fast the temporary village is moving and Premier Brumby said that the Flowerdale Community and Government would continue to work in partnership to construct the temporary village to house homeless residents.

John Burgess the community leader handed over the plans developed by the community for the temporary village wrapped up with a big Tonka Fire Truck. John said the Flowerdale community had developed the plans and saw it as a model that could be used by other communities impacted by the fires as well as how communities affected by disasters in the future could fast track the disaster management process through community led partnerships with government.

Beyond that we would look to start the longer term rebuilding process. The State Government has contracted McKern Housing to build the first 20 semi permanent housing units.

A big thank you to everyone who came up today government, media and community members. In the words of John Burgess "All lights are now green"...go Flowerdale.

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  1. "John Burgess, the community leader" - Community Leader my arse! Little man with a big ego is more like it!


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