Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This is the place for a village

The first two semi permanent units are pretty well built and look great.

They should be finished today and hopefully we will have them inhabited very quickly. I am trying to work out what we do with furniture but hopefully that is in hand. We have a really cool laundry facility which came from Leightons, I think.

Spent quite a bit of time over the long weekend with Andrew Forrest and his team, they really got in amongst the locals, and delivered plenty of action combined with compassion. All of the Portable Chalets from Fortescue Metals are now in place and looking good. We can't thank Andrew enough for his drive, dynamism and delivery.

"Andrew Forrest with Crash, the man behind Crashtown"

"Andrew Forrest with Lynette and her son, some of the first residents in our Village"

John Burgess and I visited Marysville yesterday, they are moving quickly to establish a temporary village. They have a great area across from the golf club which has power and plumbing and it should receive its first portable chalets (the mobile homes formerly known as Dongas) this week. The marysville guys seem to be hitting their straps and things are on the move there as well.

My other big problem is that I am being inundated by kids and parents seeing if we can get some deals on electronics, now the kids have somewhere to stay they want their Wii's, DS's, IPods and xBox's. Trying to see what I can do.

I also don't think any of the victims got any Sound Relief tickets, bugger, would have been nice to participate in something put on for the Bushfire Victims. We missed the National Day of Mourning as we were all up here flat out on getting the Village going. Oh well at least Warnie came to visit with Chris Martin.

"Warnie with Todd and Ian, two guys who turned up from Queensland three weeks ago and haven't stopped working as Volunteers on the ground"

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