Monday, March 16, 2009

Moving in and some useful links

The first two semi permanent units were occupied today which is a great milestone. The wet weather has made things a bit muddy but not too bad. We will need to get things done before winter arrives and we are working on it.

The Victorian Bushfire Recovery and Reconstruction Authority has launched a web site at Not much there yet but should be a key source of information on the activities of the VBRRA as things unfold.

There are a couple of Kinglake Ranges websites, and the Kinglake Region Business Network,, which has lots of information for business owners in the region.

I have been asked about local contractors getting involved in the cleanup, Grocon are coordinating the work and have an email address hazardous goods need to be cleared by A and B class removalists. So email them and someone tell Stylesy because I cant find his number.

This morning the Herald Sun published a story on Warnie and Chris Martin's secret visit to Flowerdale, well you heard it first on the Flowerdale Blog 10 days ago, (bloggers just love it when they beat the traditional media to the story)

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  1. Does anyone have any comments on the Grocon contract to clear their sites?
    Do we have other alternatives that meet more local/ sustainable needs?
    Any tricks with the small print??


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