Sunday, March 15, 2009

You are welcome as we look to the future

It is great to see the number of visitors to Flowerdale dropping by the Pub and Shop and giving the community moral support. The main thing people say is that they feel like they are intruding; rest assured we welcome you to come to town. I handed out a heap of car stickers for our relief fund so the visitors can make a contribution by maintaining a level of awareness of what is happening here.

We were pleased to see our friends in Marysville moving along the temporary village path to keep the community together and get momentum for rebuilding.

Today a few of us are getting to look to the future and identify what projects we want for the longer term. In addition we are completing the Fundraising Permit paperwork and should be able to take cash donations rather than pledges next week.

The residents who went to Sound Relief got home about 1.30am this morning, soggy but inspired with the support from the Australian Music Industry and the Australian people.

The key message from yesterday was that if we stick together with our unique Aussie sense of mateship and community we can together overcome any adversity. I think it also reinforces that the best way to achieve happiness is through what you can do for others. I have had a lot of expats from other countries in the last month say to me that there is something special in the Aussie spirit and ability to band together, that they didn't see in their home countries. I think we often don't see it because it has always been there in us.

The other message was that no matter how tough it gets things come back around. The grass, creek, trees and wildlife in Flowerdale are showing us how and that belief in a better future keeps us driving forward.

I spent an hour last weekend watching a pair of magnificent Wedge Tailed eagles rebuilding a nest in a burnt out tree in a burnt out forest. Maybe it wasn't the ideal living scenario but they were home, they were staying and getting on with it. The joy they gave us as they soared majestically overhead gave us a renewed sense of purpose. Hopefully you can find some of that in your life everyday, no matter how tough the future challenges may appear. Don't be scared to ask for help, your fellow Aussies will step in for you.


  1. Great interview on 774 this morning with spokesperson from Kinglake giving tips and ideas of how Marysville could get the message out to all residents scattered far and wide, forward planning, community ambulance, etc.
    Someone from Marysville called and (I think) was given contact phone numbers to get answers to many q's, etc.
    It's a fantastic job you're doing, well bloody done :)

  2. Thanks Jayne, I will suggest to Marysville to use a blog I have got another Deloitte guy to help them out


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