Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Getting organised for Donations

Sorry for the late post today, things have been pretty frantic. We are just putting the final touches to a new website. http://www.flowerdalerelief.com

We have set up the site for people to pledge donations or to offer goods and services. it has been a rush job but it is looking good. We have to set up formally as a charity and then get a permit from Consumer Affairs to ask for cash donations which may take a little time but we decided to get the ball rolling and ask for pledges which we can follow up. We have already received donations via the pub, friends of residents, the Deloitte Foundation. We need money to be able to ensure we can maintain the food supply and also get the things we need for the Temporary Village. John Burgess is on SBS insights tonight @ 7.30pm and it seemed the right time to launch our own relief effort. The funds will be administered by the Deloitte Foundation to ensure that donations are spent on the right things.

If you run a website or blog a link would be great.

As part of our ethos in the Flowerdale Recovery Team we have decided that rather than wait for things to be formally organised via the relief fund we would get on and do it ourselves.

Water Tanks being put in place

Major General Cantwell, VBRRA, and Craig Lapsley, DHS, talk through the plans for the temporary village with Flowerdale Recovery Team

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  1. I saw Insight the other night and it was really interesting - great to see the progress that has been made and the discussion about the future it has spurred.


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