Monday, March 30, 2009

General Cosgrove is coming to town

On April 7th retired General Peter Cosgrove is coming to Flowerdale. He will have a meet the locals session from 2.00pm to 3.30pm at the Flowerdale Hotel.

He is a great guy and has had a huge amount of experience in disaster recovery through his work in East Timor. He was also Australian of the Year in 2001.

After a tour of the area he will spend time in the morning talking to the Community Committee and others involved in the recovery efforts in Flowerdale. He is not acting in an official capacity but agreed to come down to talk to us and share his experiences and thoughts. We are looking to learn from his experience as we look to the long term future. General Cosgrove is very down to earth and approachable so we would love to see plenty of people there.

For more background see below or check out the Australian of the Year website or Wikipedia

"In 1999 the general became a national figure on being appointed commander of the International Forces East Timor (Interfet), responsible for overseeing East Timor’s transition to independence. With the large deployment of Australian troops, and considerable uncertainty about the outcome, it was a tense period. Cosgrove combined the roles of soldier and diplomat. Peter Cosgrove retired from the Army in July 2005.

In a long and distinguished career Peter Cosgrove has embodied that sense of duty and courage that Australians hold dear.

After retirement from the Armed Forces, General Cosgrove accepted positions on the Qantas Board, a consultancy with Deloitte and was appointed Chairman of the The General Sir John Monash Foundation.

Most recently, General Cosgrove was appointed to lead the relief and reconstruction effort in Innisfail and surrounding areas following the destruction in Queensland by Cyclone Larry in 2006."

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