Sunday, March 29, 2009

Things coming back around

It has been amazing to see how quickly the natural landscape is regenerating in Flowerdale. After the fires the trees were burnt, leaves had virtually petrified through the radiant heat and the forest floor and fields were black. Because in many spots the fire raced low through the undergrowth and burnt the lower parts of the trees the tops of many trees are displaying new green leaves among the brown. i put in a couple of photos taken in the immediate aftermath of the fire to give you some comparison.

"All the fields were black after the fire"

"Forests and trees were black, there was no undergrowth left at all"

There has been some rain, not heaps but enough for things to start to regrow. The tops of some trees are starting to shoot new green leaves and the fields and forest floor have got a magnificant green look about them. I took some photos on Saturday on the edge of a burnt out forest, and you can see just how green it is getting. Many of the

"View from the pub car park, these fields were totally black a few weeks ago

"A lush field on the edge of the forest that was totally balckened after the fires, see the green regrowth in the top of the trees"

It gives me a lift every time I look at the regrowth and gives me a constant reminder that no matter how bad things get, things come back around.


  1. What a pity Flowerdale has become a town divided, with the "have nots" getting everything through this website and the "struggle to haves" getting nothing because they don't feel welcome at the reserve because of the reception they received when they have gone there. Flowerdale is more than the rec reserve. It is the people who are living on their fire ravaged blocks and in their smoke and heat damaged houses. These people are Flowerdale, not the people living on hand-outs at the Rec Reserve, getting everything and covetting all.

    Have you told them that you, the owner of this blog are Deloitte, and that all monies are going to make the ideal (dream) town of a few without community consultation ?

    Howsabout thinking and giving to all all of Flowerdale !

    Are the people who read your blog aware there are eight container loads of goods at the Rec Reserve which are inaccessible to the people who don't live there ?

    Are the readers of your blog aware that we need these items to exist and are being discriminated against because we won't become part of your community, because we want to make a go of it instead of bludging of other people ?

    Due to fear of reprisal from teh town thugs who live at the Rec Reserve, this will remain unsigned (and probably unpublished).

  2. Having lived in Flowerdale twice (for about seven years in total) I've been wondering whether everything was as rosy as the picture being painted in this blog. There was very little evidence of community spirit when I lived there.

    Anonymous's comment deserves a response, Pete.

  3. Wow those green photos are amazing!

  4. Barakoz, I have been involved there for the last six weeks so I dont know what it was like before, but I can only write what i see and feel, my post on the School event for example was what I saw and felt on the night. I have also felt really welcomed into the community by pretty well everyone I meet.

  5. Pete, I wasn't asking you to respond to my comment, but to that of Anonymous. S/he made some pretty serious allegations. Have you no response?

  6. Dear Anonymous

    I will attempt to respond to each point:

    The initial focus was on the rec reserve to provide a community hub with temporary accommodation, showers, toilets and food. VBRRA is taking over the operation of the rec reserve and the State Government is providing the funding to complete the build out. VBRRA will employ the people to run it.

    I agree that Flowerdale is much more than the rec reserve.

    The about me section on the blog says I am from Deloitte.

    Monies that are raised will go to the benefit of the community as there is no funding required for the rec reserve.

    The community committee will work with existing community groups to identify what the community wants to happen in the future. That process will also direct where any money raised will go. At the moment the main way of participating is via the community meetings held on Friday nights.

    You can also talk to any of the community committee which consists of:

    John Burgess
    Peter Byrne
    Stephen Phelan
    Jeannette Kamar
    Deb Schultz
    Sally Abbott-Smith

    You can contact John direct on 0418336538

    Distribution of the goods in the containers at the rec reserve happens via the Hub. There was not the organisation in place for the rec reserve to act as a distribution point. If there are things you need contact the Hub and if you have issues with getting what you need John will help with that as well.

    In terms of transparency I wont delete the comment because you have stated your view.

    The next community meeting at the Flowerdale Hotel is at 8.00pm on Friday night, and a major topic for discussion will be how to move forward in a way that provides opportunity for the community to participate in all decisions made.

  7. Pete, thank you.

    That takes care of the questions that Anonymous raised in my mind. I hope your response also mollifies Anonymous and any other locals (assuming Anon is a local) who have concerns.

    This wasn't really the place to air grievances, but because Anon chose to do that, I thought that at least his/her points should be addressed. Thank you for doing so - and for allowing his/her comments to stand. You can't be accused of ignoring criticism!

  8. Thanks Barakoz and Anonymous for the feedback, i will try to give a view beyond the rec in future but will keep on posting updates as things happen there as well in other parts of the community.

    my email is if there are things you think I should cover

  9. Hi Pete,
    I am a different anon to that which commented earlier. Unfortunately I must remain anonymous as I am on my personal blog, as it's important to my personal life that I remain so.
    Still, I wanted to comment as I think you are doing a wonderful job! Both in Flowerdale, and in your constant blog updates.
    I do believe in everyones right to comment, but I am saddened by the need for people to point out the negatives. As justified as Anon's opinions are, you are correct in directing them to the appropriate forum, and I do hope that their views are addressed there.
    My connection to Flowerdale is slight compared to those of you that have homes and lives there. Still, my heart lies there and that is what keeps me following your blog.
    Please continue to keep your posts personal and emotive - but most of all, please keep your post positive.
    I do not mean to undermine the loss that the community have suffered, and the continuing pain people still feel. I would just hate to see your blog turned into a forum for complaints and "could have been better".
    All in all the community spirit and cohesiveness I've witnessed is something to be proud of. Please don't ever lose it!

  10. thanks anon, I really appreciate it


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