Sunday, May 3, 2009

Community Meeting Update - 1st May 2009

A community meeting was held on Friday night at the Rec Reserve, the key topics covered were:

Communications - Julie Bateman has taken on the role of Community Communications. This will include building the database of addresses, send out regular information either by post or email on any topics that are of importance to the residents. This will cover events, meetings, information provided by VBRRA, services that are made available by organisations such as massage, photo recovery etc. If you know of people who aren't getting information let us know.

Service and Celebration - There is a community service and celebration to be held on 17th May at 1.00pm at the Moores Rd Reserve, which is behind the Flowerdale Hotel across the bridge to the left. This will include a service which will be led by Chaplaincy Australia, dedication to the lives lost, and then a celebration of the Flowerdale Community including music and food. The Service is open to all the Community and also those who have provided support to the Community since Black Saturday and we welcome anyone who has an interest in Flowerdale and would like to attend.

Firewood - There is split dry firewood coming to town, estimated time of arrival is Monday afternoon, it will be at the entrance to the Moores Rd Reserve.

Vicroads - Ian Barry provided a detailed overview of the issues related to the issues around roads since day 1 and are appointing a contractor via a tender process to work in Flowerdale to fix guard rails, trees, roadside stops, lines etc. Ian can be contacted 0357611861

Standpipe - The standpipe across the road from the Hotel will be operational from next week and be available for CFA or Farmers with affected dams or waterways.

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