Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Flowerdale Relief Fund

We had the first meeting of the Flowerdale Relief fund last night. To date $47,000 has been raised.

The signatories on the account are John Burgess, Steve Phelan and Darren Heveren from Deloitte. Pete Williams, (that is me), and Peter Auty were in attendance in our role in terms of assisting in the fundraising activities.

The following key points were raised:

- There is a Community Plan being developed in conjunction with VBRRA which will include the key community aspirations and projects that came from the Community Workshop and will continue to be developed via further Community Forums. We understand the plans will be finalised by 15th June incorporating rounds of Community Consultation
- Many of the projects that are included in the plan will be funded by Government agencies at either the Federal, State or Local Government level
- If projects that the Community sees as high priority are not funded, we will be able to fund these projects either with the Flowerdale Relief fund or in conjunction with philanthropists or government grant programs
- There is also the opportunity to access grant programs that provide either $ for $ matching which could help get leverage from the funds we have raised
- We will continue to raise funds to ensure we can meet the aspirations of the community

Basically the view is to not spend money on things now that may be funded by other sources, and have a buffer to be able to ensure we can get the things done that are important to the community.

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