Monday, May 18, 2009

Update from Community Meeting

The main topic of discussion at the Community Meeting on Friday was the nomination and election of the Community Committee for the Recovery process.

Nominations have been called for and will close on Thursday, 21st May. Instead of voting on 22nd may the Community meeting decided that the election should be done by post with votes closing on Friday 29th May. This would give people more time to consider the nominations and who to vote for.

The votes will be counted by DHS. and the results announced at the Community Meeting on 29th May.


  1. I cannot believe that you have to vote for who you want to be on your Community Recovery Committee. Am I reading that right??
    You should be trying to engage as many people as you can, you just need good leaders. Set up working parties on specific areas/issues asap, share it out and report back. There is way too much to cover.
    You need to encourage people to present ideas for projects formally so as a group you have something substantial to vote on :ie spending of grants, donations etc. Don’t rely too heavily on the assistance you think you will get from government. Understandably, the scale of this whole recovery is as overwhelming for them, as it is for us. Many are trying thier best. Most of the work has to be done by us, the people.
    I wish you all the luck in the world and would encourage people to be engaged in the recovery process. The smallest contributions all help so much and often make the difference. Even something like encouraging a friend to volunteer for fencing, it all helps.

    Paul Crowe
    CRC Rep for Callignee

  2. Hi Paul, you are reading it right, there is a vote. In no way is there any intent to discourage participation the recovery committee is there to prioritise community need and ensure they are obtained. Check out the recovery model which outlines how it hangs together. We agree with your comments regarding the project identification, small contributions as that has been the model that has enabled Flowerdale to get many things done. It is a coordination role working with the many community groups and projects that are underway. It will be up to the elected community reps to work with the existing model or adapt it.


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