Friday, May 8, 2009

Working with VBRRA on the Recovery

We have had discussions with VBRRA on the Recovery planning process.

- VBRRA have asked all the relevant authorities to revert to them with their plans by 15th May, this will cover many areas from roads, education, telecommunications, community services etc
- VBRRA has provided representatives to work with us on developing the Community Input into the plan. This will incorporate the outcomes of the Community Workshop and we intend to have a further Forum the week after the Service and Celebration, to flesh out the key projects required to meet the community aspirations (eg another tanker for CFA, Community House)
- We will need to identify where there are projects/aspirations required by the Community that aren't covered in the plans of the relevant authorities and seek to fund these projects. These funds could come from bushhfire grant programs, existing grant programs, philanthropy, our Flowerdale Relief fundraising and Corporate or Community support

There is a meeting on 12th May which will be attended by John Burgess and Peter Williams (me) to work through the next stages of the planning. Fortunately both the representatives from VBRRA attended the Community Workshop and have a good understanding of both the overall recovery operation and the issues and aspirations of Flowerdale.

We look forward to moving ahead with the plan and will ensure that there is maximum community input. If there are things you think we need to be focused on that haven't been mentioned please let us know. Check the post of the community aspirations and ideas contributed by residents.

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