Monday, May 18, 2009

Memorial Service and Celebration brings the community together

The Memorial Service and Celebration saw a huge turnout from the Flowerdale Community and its supporters.

The Service was the first time the Community had got together to remember those who died in the Flowerdale area on Black Saturday. The service was led by Chaplaincy Australia and all attendees signed the attendance book and were asked to place a flower in the wreaths. For me personally it was a time to reflect as well as remind me that we need to work together to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Chaplaincy Australia leads the Memorial Service

The service was follwed by a celebration of the Community spirit with music, kids activities and food and drink. The talent on show was excellent.

An acoustic duo get the celebration rolling

The Flowerdale School choir also did a couple of songs most notably forever young, it was great for both the kids and all who attended.

While I didn't do a count there seemed to be around 400-500 people there. The event was organised by John Burgess, Peter Auty and David Thomas, who did an amazing job in such a short time.

Big thank yous go to Chaplaincy Australia, particularly Phil Martin, the Australian Childrens Trust Fund, (Andrew Forrest's foundation) and also Steve and Viv from the Flowerdale Hotel who put on the drinks. Also all the volunteers who worked tirelssly during the day. Thanks to Jessica Mason for the design of the memorial badge.

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