Saturday, May 23, 2009

Update from Community Meeting

The community meeting held on Friday night was attended by Christine Nixon and Tim Bamford, which was very much appreciated. Tim will be leading the masterplanning process for Flowerdale on behalf of VBRRA.

The meeting was chaired by Leanne Plietsch, the DHS hub captain.

Christine outlined the process that VBRRA would follow in working with communities to develop an overall community masterplan for the recovery effort. A key part of the process is community consultation.

The possibility of showers and toilet blocks to be located at the southern end of the town for those residents living there was raised.

The election of the Community Recovery Committee was discussed and although there was a suggestion to delay for a further week it was decided to maintain the timetable for the election. Voting forms are available at the Store, the Hub, the Flowerdale Hotel and the Shop.

Ian Ellett from Murrindindi Shire attended to discuss the Hazeldene Bridge. There is a community consensus after the petition was presented to the Shire that the community did not want the historic timber bridge removed as it was one of the few things that survived the fire. A community group will be formed to meet with shire on site to discuss all matter raised by the community.

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