Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Flowerdale Community Recovery Update

- Grocon have cleared over 180 sites.
- DHS are encouraging residents to go and see Leanne at the Hub to apply for any grants that ma
ybe available or for any other help required. If you know anyone who needs help in applying or general information please tell them to get in contact Leanne who willing to help.
- Community Leadership Australia is offering to help with courses to develop skills, grant submission and prepare to lobby government.
- Grant of $2,000 for winter warmth will be automatically paid to people who are eligible – no paperwork required. Further queries see Leanne.
- A free photograph service to people who lost their homes will be organised for July for a family portrait. Date still to be advised.
- A suggestion was put forward to open relief centre for longer hours for people who work and finding it hard to get to hub during its present hours. Leanne will follow up to see what can be done.
- There is a replanting day at the school for the kids 3rd Sunday in July.
- Luna Park Day, 24th May all entry & rides are for free. See Diane at the Hub to book tickets and further details.
- Animal Registrations for the Shire: if you no longer have animals that are registered with Shire could you please contact them to remove from register as they will soon be sending out renewal of registrations.

New Bus Service Timetable

Thursday – To Seymour


Hazeldene Store 8.55am
Flowerdale Pub 9.00am
Rec Reserve 9.10am
Strath Creek 9.20am


Friday – To Yea


Hazeldene Store 8.55am

Flowerdale Pub 9.00am
Rec Reserve 9.10am


Bus to Epping
Saturday 23rd May, must book through Dennis 57801221. Cost $10 per person.
Rec Reserve 9.40am
Flowerdale Pub 9.45am
Hazeldene Store 9.50am
Arrive 11.00am Approx.
Depart 4.30pm Approx.

Please use our bus services so we might be able to keep for the future and add other bus services.

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