Friday, May 22, 2009

Red Cross Relief Fund - Welcome change of tack

The Red Cross Relief FUnd has issued its report on its activities for the first 100 days.

In the report it talks about the remaining $111m in the fund and advises:

The Panel recognises that the process of rebuilding and recovery is a long-term task that needs to be undertaken in close consultation with individual communities.
As a result, in allocating the remaining $111 million of donated funds, the Panel will continue to work closely with a wide range of groups and affected communities. This will ensure the continued allocation of funds meets the long term needs of individuals and communities.

There were concerns in the major fire affected communities that no funds would be available for longer term community projects, particularly in areas where things could be done more effectively on a community rather than individual basis.

It has also been difficult for communities to have input into the process. Let's hope that the recent report signals that there will be the opportunity for community projects that help rebuild in a safer and more sustainable manner.

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