Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Community Recovery Model

The model for the Community Led Recovery planning process as discussed at the Community workshop is set out below:


Community input for the towns needs and requirements for now and the future.


Discussions have taken place and these groups or nominated representative feel it’s important to utilize the existing committee base, to broaden the number of people the whole community can feed their thoughts too and contribute to identifying Community needs.

WORK GROUPS: - (Work Engine)

Work Groups must be formed to identify, funding, materials, property and timelines. To build or create a funding plan for the projects that have been discussed and decided upon through the consultation of the Community feeding their needs through the Community Leaders Group.


1. Community require and additional fire fighting appliance for the Flowerdale C.F.A.
2. Community Leaders Group discuss, identify what is required to best suit the C.F.A to make Flowerdale a safer town, Which could be:- a new light tanker, or a number of slip ons, water supply across the township etc. etc..

3. This Work Group would probably be headed by C.F.A Captain or his nominee. This Group would be asked to identify, funding opportunities through their own organisation, costing of each scenario and best options for the Community.
4. This information is quickly escalated to the Flowerdale Recovery Committee, whose role it will be to prioritize and fast track the Communities wishes.


This committee originally formed as the Emergency Response Team, which feels it has achieved its objective in providing emergency housing, food and shelter. This Committee agreed unanimously the need to transit to a new elected body, more focused on Recovery than Relief.


Are ambassadors and advocates for the Flowerdale Community which has been operating to date by Peter Williams – Deloittes and John Burgess.

These roles are to meet with Government Heads and agencies as well as utilizing their skill sets and networking with philanthropy and other donatory bodies, to enable funding for the actions filtering down from the Community through the various groups mentioned through the upside down triangle model.


Our community is looking for a person/s who are prepared to self sacrifice their time to commit to the needs and requirements of the whole Flowerdale Community.

The person/s will need to be dedicated, forward thinking, a good communicator, and prepared to roll up their sleeves.

The person/s will join and be part of a committee which will play a major role in the Flowerdale Recovery.

This committee will prioritise the long term objectives for Flowerdale. As the community will be aware this is a long term project (2-5 years).

If this is you or a person you know please feel free to nominate for any of these six positions.

If you wish to nominate yourself or another person for a position in the Committee please contact Julie Bateman via Email:
Or send your nomination to: PO Box 2060, Hazeldene, 3658.

This nomination process will be extremely confidential and the nominations will only be declared at the Forum meeting on 22nd May.

All nominations must be received by 2.00pm Thursday 21st May.

Nomination Form

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