Sunday, May 31, 2009

Village goes wireless

Last weekend the temporary village in Flowerdale was blanketed with wireless coverage. Donal from Nodecity came into the village and set up two Meraki wireless access points to provide a mesh network across the village. In layman's terms we have bounced the signal from the site office across the site to provide high quality internet access to the people living in the village.

The people in the village are very happy that they can now access the information and resources they need.

A huge thank you to Donal and Nodecity who provided their services for free and had the job done within a few days of hearing about the need for the internet access in the village.

For those that have an interest in technology here is a video that was taken at the time I first spoke to Donal about setting up at Flowerdale and how it all works.

NodeCity-At-FutureSummit from Nodecity on Vimeo.


  1. I've been looking at Meraki to see about setting up a mesh network for Fairfield .. great to hear it working well for Flowerdale.

  2. Big deal! What about the rest of us? It seems to be a case of "we want so we get" and the "we live at our burnt out home and go without", doesn't it, and it has been since the begining?


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